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My Aunt (who used to be my favorite, but isn't anymore) e-mailed this to my dad. I think it's so cool someone from my family is making it!

CNN Presents: Black in America aired July 23rd & 24th at 9 pm ET. I don't have cable, so I wouldn't have been able to see it even if I had known about it.

(CNN) -- Forty years after the death of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., CNN took an unprecedented look at the state of black America in "CNN Presents: Black in America. The success, struggle, pain and pride.

Here are some of the people who made this groundbreaking series possible.


Soledad O'Brien

Sr. Executive Producer/VP:

Mark Nelson

Managing Editors:

Bud Bultman
Jeff Reid

Senior Producers:

Rose Arce
Elise Zeiger


Kimberly Arp Babbit
LaNeice Collins
Dionne Hill
Michael Heard
Nadia Kounang
Brian Larch
David Matthews
Stan Wilson

Executive Director:

Jody Gottlieb


Dave Timko

Field Producers:

KJ Matthews
Brian Rokus

Associate Producers:

Brandon Clements

Jack Lyons
Tina Matherson
Dana Rosenblatt
Amanda Sealy

Sr. Editor/Producers:

Jack Austin
Mike Chedwick
Carl Graf
April Hock
Lee Hughey
Steven Keller
Scott Mcghee
Karen Nolan
Wendy Tennery

Post Production Producers:

John Cooke
Matt Scheibner

Finishing Editors:

Eduardo Alvarez
Steven Keller

Manager of Production:

Amy Jordan

Production Manager:

Jamie Hutton

Production Coordinator:

Abigail Daniels


John Aceves
Mark Biello
Bob Bikel
Frank Bivona
Rich Brooks
Ken Borland
Jim Castel
Michael Calloway
Joe Capolarello
Doug Carroll
Steve Coppin
Tom Crocker
Gilbert De La Rosa
Styke Dimas
Ferre Dollar
Keefer Estevez
Tim Garraty
Michael Gittelman
Rod Griola
Rick Hall
Neil Hallsworth
Walter Imparato
Dave Jenkins
Leon Jobe
Tom Jurek
Bryan Kane
Greg Kilday
Jeff King
Bill Langley
Tom Larson
Phil Littleton
Damir Loretic
Steve Machalek
Jay McMichael
Effie Nidam
Jung Park
John Person
Saylor Phair
Dave Rust
Jonathan Schaer
Frederick Schang
Tawanda Scott
Richard Shine
Pelin Sidki
Steve Sorg
Chris Turner
William Walker
Tim Wall
Jamie Wiener
Floyd Yarmuth

Sound Technicians:

Jerry Appleman
Tricia DiTroia
Beth English
Brian Feeney
Dave Forde
Marc Halualani
Ron Helm
Chris Hrubesh
Bryan Kane
Kevin Kvicala
George Lerner
Ted Lerner
Torin Middleton
Dave Munoz
Doug Schantz
Doug Thomas
Jerry Thompson

Art Director:

Aimee Schier

Design Director:

Robert Hunter

Sr. Graphic Compositor:

Rob Wright

Graphics Compositor:

Pete Knudsen

Asst. Art Director:

Eddie Ryan

Production Designer:

Jenny Specker

Graphics Production Manager:

Pat Epstein

Production Assistants:

Jamie Gaar
Allen Huntspon
Meghan Rafferty
Cara Reedy
Herschel Slosberg


Alicia Carluccio
Ned Dannenberg
Matthew Horton
Chamise Jones
Leigh Lesniak
Rachel Reynolds

Spoken Word Artist:

Jon Goode

Special Thanks:

100 Black Men
Atlanta Union Mission
Dat Heat Studios
Dunbar Magnet Middle School
The Episcopal Collegiate School
Little Rock Central High School
San Quentin State Prison
Varner Prison

Archival Materials:

Arkansas History Commission
Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Brian Robertson
The Butler Center
CBS News Archives
David Lee
F.I.L.M. Archives
Getty Images
Hughley Studios
Mississippi Valley Collections, The University of Memphis
Nan Melville
San Diego Repertory Theater
Schomberg Center/Art Resource, NY
Precision Photography


Adrian Tillman/607



Here's the behind the scenes for that special. He says that he and some of his colleagues are interviewed. I haven't watched it yet, but I will shortly. The clip is on the right hand side of the page. It's 4 mins long and he's at roughly the 2:35 spot. When my aunt mentioned that he lost weight, wow. He lost A LOT of weight! If it weren't for his name being put up, I wouldn't have known! lol

And I also have my cousin's e-mail address. I'm debating on if I should e-mail him. I haven't seen him in YEARS and he's 22 and has a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Michigan. If I e-mail him, what the heck do I say?! LOL

The way I'm acting, you'd think I had the personal e-mail address for Cullen Jones *snickers*

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